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Hello Lovelies!! ​ Welcome!

Art • Photo • Media

I started out as a Photographer and Artist. I have my BFA in Fine Art Photography and an AA in Fashion Photography. I then went on to work in Print Media, Advertising and then later into Online Marketing. As well as in the Green Living service field. 


Working with plants and plant extracts is a passion of mine and helping people heal and detox is important to me and to our mission on this planet. Using movement and Bio-Energetics to help people heal is something that people can benefit from. 


I'm primarily a Belly Dancer/Teacher and also a Swing Dancer. I also LOVE Classical Indian and Bollywood as well as Flamenco, Tango and more! 

World Traveler 

I've spent about 19 months abroad over numerous  trips. I've had the honor of exploring much of Europe, S.E. Asia, North America, Caribbean, India, Australia and New Zealand. My Favorite places so far are Prague, Croatia, Greece, Scotland, USA, Cuba, Dominica, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Aust/NZ.  

Spiritual Explorer

I'm always open to exploring the cutting edge understanding of our own spirit and our existence here on this planet. Raising my frequency and removing resistances are key to manifesting one's dreams. Hence all the Personal Development I'm into. Check out my Grow Yourself page for some great guides! 

Green Living

A healthy and luxurious planet is my passion. Recycling, re-using and helping Earth and all it's being is imperative to us all living harmoniously,


There's so much more....

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